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Adventures in Applied Data Science

By Aaron Shaw, 2017–18 CASBS fellow and Assistant Professor of Communication Studies, Northwestern University

Many organizations have unprecedented access to data, experiments, and statistical inference. The diffusion of these resources has created pressure to develop the skills and practices necessary to use them. However, the distribution of these skills and practices has an organizational component, leading some teams and organizations to harness social scientific insights far more effectively than others.

CASBS and Mindset Scholars: Pushing the Frontiers of Mindset Science

“The Mindset Scholars Network is one of the core grantees of the Raikes Foundation. The scholarship it provides the field is an essential element in building more equitable learning environments for students who have been least well served by the system. We are grateful to the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences at Stanford for working with us to establish the Mindset Scholars Network.”

Jeff Raikes
Co-founder, Raikes Foundation

Chair, Stanford University Board of Trustees


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