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The Ethics and Governance of AI

We are on the verge of one of the most significant technological transformations in human history – with vast implications for the economy and politics, as well as for the moral and ethical structures that undergird modern society. Yet, as we approach the age of AI – with all the tremendous challenges and opportunities that it will unleash – we are still operating within a political, economic, and moral framework developed in the twentieth century.

  • Building a core group of thinkers to develop a moral political economic framework for the age of AI.
  • Working with industry to create and deploy an ethical model design team.
  • Studying the interplay between AI, climate, and work.
  • Analyzing the future of workers in the age of AI. 
  • Studying the connections between AI and Religion.
  • Developing targeted briefings and recommendations to policymakers, industry leaders, unions, and civil society in the U.S. and abroad.

Our primary partners in this effort are:

CASBS also has several ongoing projects that explore particular issues within this broad theme, such as Understanding the iGeneration and a collaboration with Stanford's Presence center.

We have also partnered with the Stanford School of Engineering Catalyst Challenge for Collaborative Solutions, which funded 2017-18 workshops and other explorations of the ways social scientists, engineers, and scientists can collaborate. All of our 2017-18 public symposia focused on related topics.

For more information, please contact CASBS program director Zachary Ugolnik (