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We gratefully acknowledge gifts from the following donors for the CASBS site renovation.

Funds raised as of May 1, 2018, are allowing us to move forward with the project planning.

$500,000 and above

Dave Hitz
Salar Kamangar
Chien Lee
Sally and William H. Neukom
Charles Simonyi

$250,000 – 499,999

Sara Miller McCune
John S. and James L. Knight Foundation

$100,000 – 249,999

The Annenberg Public Policy Center
Cherry and James Banks
Shona L. Brown and John Rohrer
Susan E. Haviland and John Seely Brown
The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
The Charles and Roberta Katz Family Foundation
Caron and Alan Lacy
Margaret Levi and Robert Kaplan
Heather Munroe-Blum and Leonard Blum

Paul A. Ricci
Valerie and John W. Rowe

$50,000 – 99,999

Paul and Iris Brest

$10,000 – 49,999

Shelley Fisher Fishkin and James Fishkin
Robert, Joshua, and Seth Hauser In Memory of Taissa S. Hauser
Ira Katznelson
Nannerl and Robert Keohane
Gary King
Lucy H. Koh and Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar
Arno Motulsky (estate)
Douglass C. North (estate)
Gifts in memory of Douglass C. North
Jen Pahlka and Tim O’Reilly
Abby and David Rumsey
Srinija Srinivasan
Abraham Verghese

$5,000 – 9,999

Kenneth Prewitt
Nancy Lee Ward and Toby Bright

$1,000 – 4,999

Jeffrey L. Bleich
Frederick Brown
Meg Conkey and Lester Rowntree
Gerald F. Davis
Diane Desierto
Elisabeth Gerber and Arthur Lupia
Robert S. Gibbons
Edward Haertel and Andrew Oman
Jennifer Hochschild and C. Anthony Broh
Miyako Inoue and Thomas Biolsi
Guillermina Jasso
Jane Kaplan and Don Bonato
Mary and Peter Katzenstein
David M. Kennedy
Carol Krumhansl
Tim Liao
Mary and William G. Lycan
Leslie Terzian Markoff and John Markoff
Adrienne Mayor and Josh Ober
Helen Milner
Phyllis Moen
Rita and Robert Moore
Mary Murphy and Victor Quintanilla
Kemper Ohlmeyer
Dan Olweus
Arati Prabhakar
Nancy L. Rose and James M. Poterba
Jennifer and Paul Saffo
George P. Shultz
Hana Ševčíková and Adrian Raftery
Gabrielle Spiegel
Claude M. Steele
Mary Wilson and Harvey Fineberg
Maryanne Wolf
JoAnne Yates and Craig Murphy

Up to $999

Anonymous (2)
Henry Aaron
Thomas Anders
Robert Bates
Tara Behrend
Adam Berinsky
Henry Bienen
Lisa Blaydes and Joshua Greenberg
Karin Cetina
Sapna Cheryan
Elisabeth Clemens and David Larson
Susie Cohen and Barry R. Weingast
John O. Dabiri
Alice Dallinga and Will Tiemeijer
Kay Deaux
Nancy Dess
Joshua Dienstag
Mary L. Dudziak
Jennifer Eberhardt
Matthew Erdelyi
James Fearon
Ellen Frank and David Kupfer
Tram-Anh and Zephyr Frank
Julia Fremon and Robert Scott
Joshua Gamson
Martin Gilens
Carol Gluck
Wendy Goffe
Jan Goldstein
Alison Gopnik and Alvy Smith
Thomas A. Green
Allan V. Horwitz
Luba Kalaydjieva and Assen Jablensky
Katherine Jolluck and Norman M. Naimark
Miles Kahler and Steven Schwarz
Herbert Kelman
Colleen and Kenneth Kollman
Laura Kray
Richard Lempert
Jacqueline and Stewart Macaulay
Jean MacCluer
Brenda Major and Jim Blascovich
Nancy Malkiel
Terry Maroney
Batja Mesquita
Paul and Eva Milgrom
Kirsten Mullen and William Darity
Susan A. Murphy
Frederick Newman
Marianne Nikolov and Barry Lieberman
Barbara H. Partee
Paul Peterson
Theodore Mark Porter
Walter Powell
Allison Pugh
Jack Rakove
Arnold Rampersad
Howard Rosenthal
Barbara Schneider
Pepper Schwartz
Richard Scott
David Sears
Karl Shell
Kenneth Shepsle
Edward Shortliffe
Blanca Silvestrini
Robert Sleigh
Mark Snyder
Margaret Somers
Laura Stoker
William Swann
Abraham Tesser
Peggy Thoits
Molly and Robert Van Houweling
Carlos Velez-Ibanez
Carolyn Warner
Thomas Weisner
William Julius Wilson III
Kathryn Woolard and Joel Sobel