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Maryanne Wolf

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Maryanne Wolf will be working on two writing projects and on creating a new working group at CASBS, the New Literacies Network. She will complete Letters to the Good Reader: The Future of the Deep Reading Brain, to be published in 2017 by Harper Collins, and begin a book on dyslexia. The New Literacies Network emerged as a concept during Wolf’s 2014–15 fellowship year at CASBS, and represents a collaborative initiative with cognitive neuroscientists, educators, pediatricians, and technology experts at Stanford, CASBS, Tufts, MIT, and Georgia State University. The goal is to apply current research on the reading brain circuit and numeracy to the design and curation of a digital learning experience for non-literate children in remote regions around the world and in the rural US. The overarching goal is to contribute towards ameliorating illiteracy for the 200 million children who will never attain functional literacy.

The director of Tufts University’s Center for Reading and Language Research, Wolf is the John DiBiaggio Professor of Citizenship and Public Service in the Eliot-Pearson Department of Child Study and Human Development at Tufts, where she conducts research on the reading brain, dyslexia, and global literacy. As a 2014–15 CASBS fellow, Wolf completed Tales of Literacy for the 21st Century (Oxford, 2016). She is the co-founder of Curious Learning: A Global Literacy Initiative, which has current deployments in Ethiopia, Uganda, South Africa, India, and the rural US. Curious Learning will provide the open-source platform and pilot sites for the New Literacies Network.

Learn more on Maryanne Wolf’s faculty page.

University Affiliation: 
Tufts University
Start Year: 
July, 2016

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