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Mindset Scholars Network

For more information, please visit the Mindset Scholars Network's website.

Housed at CASBS, the Mindset Scholars Network is a group of leading social scientists dedicated to improving student outcomes and expanding educational opportunity by advancing our scientific understanding of students’ mindsets about learning and school. The Mindset Scholars Network conducts original interdisciplinary research, builds capacity for high quality mindset scholarship, and disseminates the latest scientific knowledge through outreach to key education stakeholders. The Mindset Scholars Network serves as an authoritative resource for reliable, research-based information about learning mindsets. Its work focuses on the following mindsets:

  • Growth Mindset: The belief that intelligence can be developed

  • Belonging: The belief that one is respected and valued by teachers and peers

  • Purpose and Relevance: The belief that one’s schoolwork is valuable because it is personally relevant and/or connected to a larger purpose.

Research shows that students who believe they can get smarter, that they belong in school, and that their schoolwork is relevant to their lives and a purpose that is bigger than themselves are more motivated to take on challenging work, persist in the face of setbacks, and achieve at higher levels. Students develop these mindsets about learning and school over time from the messages they pick up from society, their interactions with others, and their previous educational experiences.

What the Network Does
Original Research.
The Network embraces interdisciplinary collaboration on groundbreaking research projects. The Network’s current studies focus on understanding the most effective conditions for developing adaptive learning mindsets. The Network also sponsors smaller-scale projects, including early stage studies, novel analyses of existing data, and the validation of measures.

Scientific Leadership. The Network promotes mindset research that is transparent, replicable, and ethical. It also builds cross-disciplinary consensus on mindset theory, methodology, and future research priorities, and cultivates the next generation of mindset scholars.

Outreach. The Network translates scientific findings into digestible knowledge for a variety of users, including educators, policy makers, and the R&D community.

David Yeager (Univ. of Texas) and Barbara Schneider (Michigan State Univ.) are the co-chairs of the Mindset Scholars Network. The members of the Network are senior scholars and up-and-coming researchers from across the social sciences. The Network is currently comprised of 22 individuals representing 12 universities across the nation.

CASBS Participants, 2014-15:
David Yeager, fellow
Chris Hulleman, fellow

CASBS Participants, 2015–16:
Mary Murphy, fellow
David Yeager, research affiliate
Barbara Schneider, research affiliate

CASBS Participants, 2016-17:
Barry Zuckerman, fellow
David Yeager, research affiliate
Barbara Schneider, research affiliate

Read an article about the Mindset Scholars Network at CASBS here.

For more information on the Mindset Scholars Network, please contact Lisa Quay at


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