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CASBS is an accelerator of ideas. It facilitates multi-year, interdisciplinary, intersectoral, and collaborative groups as they progress on significant societal problems. The combination of great researchers and thinkers in multiple meetings over time enhances the prospects for major breakthroughs. CASBS projects depend on external funding and generally last three to five years.

Projects and Research Networks


All of our projects touch on one or several overarching themes.

Moral Economies

All economic frameworks imply a moral as well as a political economy.  Moral economies vary in time and place, and have implications for the values that dominate the thinking and practice of governments, firms, and citizens. They influence the reciprocal obligations, social compact, and social cohesion of a given society.

Technology and Society

Automation, artificial intelligence, digitalization, and technological change all have consequences for human interactions and society.  They affect the transformation of job opportunities, the skills required for future work, health care, education, urban development and infrastructure, social life, news, elections, governance, and many other aspects of our societies.

Inequality and Inequity

Issues of economic, political, and social inequities are pervasive. We apply the best contemporary science to understand key questions, but our effort also necessarily includes how best to elaborate policies, practices, and institutions that would create a more inclusive society.

Evidence-informed Policy and Causal Inference

The academic work on which the evidence-based policy movement is based has seen spectacular improvements over the last several decades. This includes the science of causal inference and the computational, legal, and methodological issues of data sharing and informatics. These developments have been extremely important in bringing science to bear on public policymaking. Nevertheless, there is much room for improvement in both the methods and their application.

For more information, please contact CASBS program directors Federica Carugati ( and Betsy Rajala (

Projects at a Glance

First convened in July 2014, the CASBS workshop on "The Future of Work and Workers" engages participants in a series of meetings to discuss the sources and implications of the ways in which work is changing globally.

Co-sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation and the Stanford Cyber Initiative.

Pacific Standard published essays from this project in its series on The Future of Work and Workers.

Collaborations with Stanford Centers


The Center is an especially strong place for collaborative dialogue to flourish, particularly across disciplines. It is neutral ground, not tied to academic departmental life or any one academic discipline, yet it is part of a major university with a high global profile. Our workshops are explorations of important topics, over periods of one to three days, in the service of creating research networks and projects.

Summer Institutes

The collaborative, interdisciplinary nature of the CASBS summer institutes gives early career scholars a chance to integrate, broaden, and deepen their thinking outside of the traditional methodological and institutional constraints of departmental life.

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