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Mindset Scholars Network (2013-17)

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The Mindset Scholars Network (MSN) germinated in meetings and workshops at CASBS beginning in 2013, and then formally launched in 2015. It is now comprised of 28 researchers representing 14 universities, all dedicated to advancing scientific understanding of the conditions for developing the mindsets essential for effective learning, and then using those findings to improve real-world outcomes in partnership with educators, schools, and government. The network is pursuing a new interdisciplinary research agenda grounded in the needs of practice, builds capacity for quality scholarship, and disseminates the latest scientific knowledge on mindsets through outreach to all key stakeholders and media.

MSN, funded principally by the Raikes Foundation, placed scholars at CASBS as fellows who contributed in myriad ways to the vibrant intellectual life of CASBS. In turn, the Center served as a hub of interaction that allows the mindset fellows to test and then disseminate their ideas.

The Center helped develop a much stronger methodological design for the National Study of Learning Mindsets by hosting a week-long “mindset data camp” in 2015. It combined mindset scholars, guest scholars, post-docs, and graduate students, immersed in pilot data and facilitating advanced statistical work in a collaborative format.

Now a thriving organization, MSN has untethered from CASBS, leveraging the momentum generated in part at CASBS as it continues to develop. This accords fully with the Center’s vision of networks and projects that normally mature and convert innovative projects into ongoing, durable concerns after a three-to- five year CASBS affiliation.

For a fuller description of this project and the role CASBS played, read this article.

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