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CASBS at The Interval

CASBS partners with the Long Now Foundation, a San Francisco-based nonprofit that seeks to foster long-term thinking and responsibility. Fellows give talks at the foundation’s Conversations at The Interval salon series.

2015-16 CASBS fellow Louis Hyman: The New Deal You Don't Know

Historian Louis Hyman's work focuses on the history of American capitalism. In his book Borrow: The American Way of Debt, he examines in detail how the evolution of personal debt has not only changed the economics of this country but the culture itself. Capitalism in the short term appears dominant and inevitable. The machinations of markets and capitalist fortunes seem like they always have been; but that's very much not the case.

2015-16 CASBS fellow Rose McDermott: Ideology in our Genes: The Biological Basis for Political Traits

While traditionally social factors have been considered to have primary influence on political behaviors and preferences, more recent research shows that there's also a strong heritable component to ideological attitudes. Rose McDermott, professor of International Relations at Brown University and a 02015-16 Stanford CASBS fellow, discussed her research on the influence of genetic contributions to political and social behavior.

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