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CASBS Webcasts

Episode 20: "Building Social Science into the Foundation of AI Practice"

Kristian Hammond, Daniel Ho, Jennifer Logg, and Jake Ward

Co-sponsors: Behavioral Science & Policy Association; Center for Advancing Safety of Machine Intelligence (CASMI) at Northwestern University; Stanford Institute for Human-Centered AI; Psychology of Technology Institute; Regulation, Evaluation, and Governance Lab (RegLab) at Stanford University; The Rockefeller Foundation

*Audio version on CASBS's Human Centered podcast!

Episode 13: "America's Black-White Divide: Looking Back, Looking Around, Looking Forward"

Lawrence D. Bobo, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Margaret Levi, and Claude Steele

Co-sponsors: Program in African and African American Studies at Stanford University, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, American Philosophical Society, Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity at Stanford University.

*Audio version on CASBS's Human Centered podcast!

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