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Call for Applications 2024 - The Diversity Institute

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Fellowship Opportunity

Online applications due January 8, 2024. The letter of support is due January 10, 2024.

The application portal can be accessed at:

Summer Institute for Behavioral and Social Scientists

Institute on Diversity: Why & How Difference Makes a Difference

June 17th through June 28th, 2024


Mary Murphy (, psychology, Indiana University, CASBS fellow 2015-16

Sylvia Perry (, psychology, Northwestern University, CASBS fellow 2022-23

About the CASBS Summer Institute on Diversity

The second annual CASBS summer institute on Diversity: Why & How Difference Makes a Difference will occur from June 17th - June 28th, 2024, at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences on the Stanford University campus. Twelve fellowships will be awarded to cover tuition, lodging, travel, and the majority of meals.

There are three important dates in the application process: (1) the online application is due January 8, 2024; (2) the letter of support is due January 10, 2024; and (3) fellowship awards will be announced by email no later than February 29, 2024.

Topics and Purpose

The CASBS Summer Institute on Diversity has a dual mission. Substantively the Institute engages in field building around social scientific investigation of why, how and when difference makes a difference. In doing so, the institute develops an on-going collaboration and support network of emerging scholars from backgrounds underrepresented in higher education. 

The Diversity Institute is loosely modeled on CASBS’s prior successful multi-year summer programs, such as “Organizations and Their Effectiveness” and “Contentious Politics.”  The Institute will bring approximately 12 early-career scholars (postdoctoral fellows through pre-tenure faculty) with interests in diversity-related scholarly issues to CASBS for two weeks of intensive training and interaction with a small and rotating group of established scholars whose theoretical, methodological, and substantive expertise relates to the core questions of why and how diversity and difference matters. As with other CASBS summer programs, the Diversity Institute will partner with multiple academic organizations in order to develop a diverse community of participants who can support and work with each other, both during their time at the Institute and afterward. 

Over the course of the two-week program, participants will both interact with the senior faculty and create multi-disciplinary group projects examining questions of mutual interest. At the conclusion of the summer program, participants will be invited to join convocations that bring together all previous years’ cohorts. In this way, CASBS will become a hub where the emerging network can flourish. These ongoing interactions should both facilitate participants’ career advancement and stimulate new contributions to this field, borne of the knowledge shared and the connections made at the training institute. 


The application includes four parts: 

  • (i) Application form 
  • (ii) Curriculum vitae
  • (iii) A single pdf document including:
    • Personal statement (up to 750 words): Please describe how participation in the Institute on Diversity will advance your research and career goals. 
    • Project description (up to 750 words): Please describe one of your current or planned projects that relates to the study of diversity.
  • (iv) One Letter of Recommendation 
    • Recommendations will be treated confidentially and submitted through our secure application system. Once you have completed your application an automated email will be sent to your references with instructions for how to submit their recommendation. Once your letter is submitted, you will receive an automated email notification. Please submit your application with sufficient time for your recommender to meet the application deadline. 

The deadline for the online application (i,ii,iii) is January 8, 2023. Once you submit the online application, your referee will receive an email to upload the letter of support (iv). Letters of support are due by January 10, 2023. Please ensure your referee has sufficient time to meet the deadline for the letter of support.

The application portal can be accessed at:

For logistical inquiries and application questions, please contact For questions regarding the institute, please contact CASBS Program Director Zachary Ugolnik (


Those eligible to apply include post-doctoral fellows and pre-tenure faculty from the social and behavioral sciences and allied professional schools. For our purposes, the social and behavioral sciences include the core social science disciplines (e.g., anthropology, economics, history, political science, psychology, and sociology) as well as those who study the human behavioral or social dimensions of other fields. We are also interested in applications from scholars affiliated with four-year colleges and with colleges and universities attended predominantly by minority students.


The Center is located on a hillside overlooking the Stanford University campus. Comfortable studies in beautiful surroundings will be provided.


Admitted applicants will be offered support to cover travel expenses, including transportation from the airport (within the usual university-mandated constraints on travel expenses). Lodging will be provided and the majority of meals will be covered. Though not required, any financial contribution from a participant's home institution would be greatly appreciated.

Funding for the Institute is provided by the Ford Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, and the Spencer Foundation.


"The Institute on Diversity felt like the first time I could breathe as an academic. The first time that I have been in a room with people that do not question why I do the work that I do, but instead push me to make it better. It feels cliche to say that this experience was transformative, but that is what it was. I feel so empowered to be all of me in academia, and I thank Mary, Sylvia, Jenn, the visiting faculty, and the people I was there with. As long as I have these people with me, nothing can stop me."

 -Iván Carbajal (Assistant Professor, Oregon State University) 

"The Summer Institute on Diversity at CASBS was a soul-fulfilling and transformative experience. It was incredible to be in a space where everyone was brilliant, generous, committed to impact, and kind. There was always such constant joy, and I left feeling empowered and equipped to tackle faculty life and all that it brings. Thank you to the organizers who made this all possible!"

 - Edward Chang (Assistant Professor, Harvard Business School) 

"The Institute empowered me to continue studying diversity, and it affirmed the value of my research and my whole self. I had often felt lost and invisible in academia, but the organizers made sure we were all seen. I made invaluable connections with other faculty of color across disciplines who I might not otherwise know. The sense of comradery and community that we built played a huge part in my decision to stay in academia."

- Jin X. Goh (Assistant Professor, Colby College)

"I left the institute feeling inspired and reenergized by all the conversations that took place, the people I met, and the beautiful setting. It was a retreat of sorts for me, a place where I could focus on the aspects of my work that I find most meaningful, connect with people who understand the value of diversity, and make lasting friendships. It was also great to learn about the work that is happening across disciplines on the topic of diversity, and the information I gained has factored into the work that I am doing now."

- Heidi A. Vuletich (Assistant Professor, University of Denver) 

"World-class mentoring, camaraderie with peers from across the country, and the opportunity to hear cutting-edge research made the diversity institute a generative experience that has strengthened my scholarship and my vision for what's possible in academia."

 - Oneya Okuwobi (Assistant Professor, University of Cincinnati) 

"For a Black Island girl, double Historically Black College and University (HBCU) alumnae and now professor at an HBCU, the CASBS Summer Institute on Diversity was a Mind-Blowing and Life-Changing experience for me! To be surrounded by such excellent colleagues and scholars who were all dedicated to and passionate about their work on diversity science, was like no other. To see how each of our work added a unique yet important piece to this very important puzzle was inspiring! To have the ability to 'sit at the feet of giants' in their various fields, ask questions and then break bread with them, was priceless! The deep contemplation about my own work, research and professional path combined with the professional development opportunities that I received while at CASBS allowed me to leave with much more clarity than I came in with around my next steps and the importance and value that my work has and will bring to the field. And last but certainly not least, the lifelong friendships that I developed, the community of scholars, the academic siblings, uncles and aunties that I gained will inevitably serve me, as we serve one another, as I navigate my life as a scholar of diversity science! CASBS was Mind-blowing and Life-Changing!"

-Afiya Fredericks (Assistant Professor, University of the District of Columbia)