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Since its inception in 1954, researchers associated with the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences (CASBS) at Stanford University have explored vexing questions and concerns. They have created and extended knowledge of our world, and continue to do so. The Center’s annual mix of distinguished thinkers of proven accomplishment facilitates advanced thinking and research. They study contemporary societal problems and contribute to evidence-based policy and solutions.

CASBS, sitting on a bucolic hill above Stanford University, is renowned for providing a home for scholars engaged in pioneering research. In the 20th century, this was undertaken largely through individual projects. The nurturing of such pursuits endures. In the 21st century, progress on theoretical, empirical, and societally important questions increasingly requires multiple perspectives and cross-disciplinary teams. Today, the Center is an epicenter for short- and long-term research networks, projects, and workshops. This reimagining of CASBS supports both individual research and creative collaboration.