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CASBS is an accelerator of ideas. It facilitates multi-year, interdisciplinary, intersectoral, and collaborative efforts to develop new solutions to major societal challenges.

Our programs and projects focus on the following challenges:

Building equitable societies
How to craft institutions, organizations, and networks to enhance societal and individual flourishing.

Enacting ethical technologies
How to create, regulate, and use technology in service of our highest values and understand the capacity of technology to amplify and alleviate societal problems.

Ensuring sustainable livelihoods
How to respond to climate change and maximize the long-term well-being of all species and their environments.

To properly address these challenges, in all our work we strive toward:

Rethinking the social sciences
How to develop better practices and tools for social science research to meet the needs of modern society.

We accomplish this through our programs, projects, and training institutes.


Programs stimulate new thinking and research. Spanning 3-5 years and wide in scope, programs articulate questions, generate specific projects, and co-ordinate collaboration among those projects.

Creating a New Moral Political Economy


Projects apply the best new thinking and methods of the social sciences to answer particular questions and/or achieve explicit objectives. Projects can be launched independently or as part of programs.

Causal Inference for Social Impact Lab
Ethics Review Panel
Future Governance for AI
Global Literacy and Neuroscience
Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Sexual Violence
Tech Data and Data Sharing for the Social Good
Understanding the iGeneration 

Training Institutes:

Training institutes convene teams of researchers to build new fields and model ways of collaborating for an extended period of time, often two weeks.

The Comparative Politics of Climate Change Policy
Organizations and their Effectiveness

All programs, projects, and institutes require the approval of the Academic Advisory Board.

For more information, please contact CASBS program directors Betsy Rajala ( and Zachary Ugolnik (