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CASBS is an accelerator of ideas. In addition to our flagship fellowship program, we facilitate interdisciplinary, intersectoral, and collaborative efforts to develop new solutions to major societal challenges. We do this by convening great thinkers and by developing better practices and tools for social science research. 

We focus on the following societal challenges:

Climate and Sustainability

How to respond to climate change and maximize the long-term well-being of all species and their environments.

Ethics in Technology

How to create, regulate, and use technology in service of our highest values and understand the capacity of technology to amplify and alleviate societal problems.

Strengthened Democratic Governance

How to strengthen and preserve democracy throughout the world and reduce political polarization and conflict.

In partnership with our fellowship, our activities include: 


Programs stimulate new thinking and research to address major societal issues. Typically spanning 2-5 years and wide in scope, programs generate original thinking to advance the social sciences and inspire public policy, build interdisciplinary agendas for universities to adapt, and translate the importance of the social sciences to the wider public. 

Summer Institutes

Summer institutes convene teams of researchers - often for two weeks at CASBS - to build new fields, develop skills, and model ways of collaborating across disciplines.

Current Programs


Imagining Adaptive Societies

The Social Science of Caregiving 

Current Summer Institutes 

The Diversity Institute

The Institute on Organizations and Their Effectiveness

For more information, please contact CASBS Program Director Zachary Ugolnik (