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Current Visiting Scholars

Giulia Baroni

Giulia Baroni



Giulia Baroni will be working on a new project that studies ways to increase collaboration and cohesion in local communities and social groups through social media and online technologies. The general theme of the project is to study to what extent these technologies and media can boost positive relationships among members of relatively small groups such as a neighborhood. How much do these media increase people’s face-to-face interactions instead of exclusively virtual ones? This project leverages Baroni’s expertise in cognitive sciences, communication studies and instructional design.

Baroni’s background includes both academic and business experiences. She obtained a PhD in cognitive sciences from the University of Bologna, Italy, and worked there as a post-doctoral scholar studying attention and performance, learning between tasks and embodied cognition. The methodology consisted in laboratory experiments using a variety of behavioral measures and techniques such as eye-tracking, reaction and movement times. She spent a year as a visiting scholar at Purdue University. Her research articles appeared, among others, in PloS One, Experimental Psychology, Memory & Cognition, Psychonomic Bulletin & Review.

Baroni is currently an instructional designer and project manager for an e-learning company in Italy. Her role is to help customers to effectively communicate complex contents and ideas through the e-learning modality and techniques. She works with IT staff, visual designers and content experts.