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CASBS 60th Anniversary

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We gratefully acknowledge the following fellows and friends for their special gifts in honor of the 60th anniversary of CASBS in 2015.

  • CASBS Reading Room
    In Memory of Ruth H. and John G. Neukom
    Gift of William H. Neukom (CASBS board member)
  • Study 31
    Endowed by Margaret Levi (CASBS fellow, 1993–94) and Robert D. Kaplan
  • Big Pine Patio
    Gift of Jane Scheiber and Harry N. Scheiber (CASBS fellow, 1966–67 and 1970–71)
  • Trellised Patio
    In memory of Aline B. Shader
    Professor Richard I. Shader (CASBS fellow, 1990–91)
  • Program support for the Center:
    Gift of Marcia H. and William J. Pade, Jr. (CASBS board member)
  • Special thanks to Sara Miller McCune, board member and longtime friend of the Center, for her transformative gift: endowing the Sara Miller McCune Directorship of CASBS.