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Academic researchers affiliated with CASBS fall into the categories of: fellows, faculty fellows, research affiliates, and visiting scholars. A board of directors provides governance and leadership, and an academic advisory committee offers guidance for the research mission. A permanent staff supports the work of the scholars and our advisors.

People at a Glance


Salar Kamangar

Member, CASBS board of directors
As one of Google's first employees, Salar Kamangar had the unique opportunity to grow with the company and contribute to many aspects of its development. He drafted its first business plan, co-founded its product team, and helped design or manage many of its key products, from AdWords to Gmail to YouTube, which he led from 2009 through 2014. 

Salar's experience as an undergraduate biology student at Stanford gave him an appreciation for the importance of the scientific method. As he began exploring his interest in public policy, he was intrigued when Margaret Levi introduced him to recent developments in the social sciences, with researchers adopting experimental methods from the life sciences, statistics, and computer science to understand the causal relationships between policy interventions and their outcomes. 

Since joining the CASBS board in 2016, Salar has sponsored CASBS's first fellows specializing in causal inference and policy, and has been participating in the CASBS project that is further developing the evidence-informed policy movement. When he's not researching business opportunities or public policy questions, Salar can be found pursuing his newest hobby — surfing, or rekindling an old one — piano practice.