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What is Fellowship at CASBS?

Watch recent fellows describe it in their own words


Thematic Overview

Kim Williams (political science, Portland State University). Generating ideas in the morning, gathering feedback by the afternoon: CASBS as a research accelerator.

Listen to a Kim Williams interview on a recent episode of the CASBS podcast, Human Centered.

Ying-yi Hong (psychology, Chinese University of Hong Kong). She thought she was interdisciplinary – until she submerged herself in the CASBS fellowship experience.

Patricia Banks (sociology, Mount Holyoke College). Fellowship at CASBS: Discovery of shared interests, deepening of research, and linking theory to policy through seminars and reading groups.

Listen to a Patricia Banks interview on a recent episode of the CASBS podcasts, Human Centered.

Peter Loewen (political science, University of Toronto). How the “special magic” and ethos of CASBS enables reaching across disciplinary boundaries in the most meaningful way.

Eva Anduiza (political science, Autonomous University of Barcelona) . Creating the CASBS community and taking a broader perspective to address fundamental, crucial questions.

Niko Besnier (anthropology, University of Amsterdam). The challenge of intellectual scaling-up of one’s work, and the Center’s “unusual situation” that helps forge special bonds among fellows.