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2015 Behavioral and Social Science Summit - Knowledge: Produce. Disseminate. Transform.

Event Details:

Thursday, November 5, 2015
Li Ka Shing Center, Stanford University

Informing Better Policy. Joshua Cohen, Jennifer Eberhardt (former CASBS fellow, Jacquelline Fuller

Governing with Digital Data. John Markoff (former CASBS visiting scholar), Beth Noveck, Brian Pierce

Is the Medium the Message? Henry Farrell, Craig Forman, Annalee Saxenian

The New Literacies. Morgan Ames, Jennifer Pahlka, Maryanne Wolf (former CASBS fellow)

The Relevance of Research Universities. Renu Khator, Sara Miller McCune (CASBS board member)

The Future of Agency: Small Problems. John DeGioia, Peter Ho, John Seely Brown (CASBS board member), Ann Pendleton-Jullian

The Future of Agency: New Tools. Christopher McNaboe, Terry Young, John Seely Brown, Ann Pendleton-Jullian

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