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Ethics, Society, & Technology Unconference

Event Details:

Thursday, May 13, 2021 - Friday, May 14, 2021

CASBS co-leads Stanford University's Ethics, Society, and Technology Hub. (Read a story about the EST hub here.) On May 13-14 the hub will host a virtual unconference -- a conference driven by the interests of participants who help collectively set the agenda by proposing session ideas.

Register and see details about the May 13-14 unconference here. Anyone can attend, but only members of the Stanford community can propose and host a session. For further information about what to expec, please email EST Hub program manager Ashlyn Jaeger:


How a Virtual Unconference Works
An unconference means the conference is driven by the interests of participants and sessions are created by all of us. If we were in person, we would gather at the beginning of the event and collaboratively set the agenda for the day together. Instead we invite members of the Stanford community to help collectively set the agenda by posting sessions to a shared doc.

The session possibilities are endless—share current research or projects, ideas you’re exploring, teaching tools, or anything else that makes you curious and excited at the intersections of ethics, society, and technology.

Talks may be scheduled by unconference participants before and during the event. 50-minute sessions will be held over Zoom.

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