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In Memory of Douglass North

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Douglass North

Douglass North (1920–2015), a CASBS fellow in 1987–88 and winner of the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in 1993, was for decades his discipline's preeminent scholar of institutions.

His work on economic history, and his ideas about economic development continue to influence intellectual discourse across the social sciences.

North honored CASBS with a bequest. The Center seeks to augment the bequest and, in return, honor him by endowing a study in his name. If you so choose, there are two options for making a gift in memory of Douglass North:

  • Send a check, payable to Stanford University, to CASBS with an accompanying note specifying that the gift is in memory of Douglass North.
  • Make your gift online with a credit card. When you encounter the "Special Instructions/Other Designation" box, please enter "In Memory of Douglass North."

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