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Adel Daoud
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Adel Daoud

Linkoping University

Fellowship year

2024 - Linkoping University - Study 44

Adel Daoud will dedicate his year at CASBS to two book projects, coauthored with his collaborators at The AI and Global Development Lab ( The aim of the first book, The Trinity of Statistical Learning, is to enhance the rigor and efficiency of data science for scientific inquiry; the aim of the second book, Causal Data Science, is to develop a foundation for causal inference that relies on a variety of data modalities (from images to audio to text). The vision of the Lab is to “combine AI, earth observation, and socio-economic theories to analyze sustainable and human development globally.” He is leading the Lab, which is located at the Universities of Chalmers, Linköping, Harvard, and Texas. 
Daoud researches the effect of governance, public policies, and development programs on global poverty, along with the impact of sudden shocks (e.g., economic, political, and natural disasters) and he implements novel methodologies in machine learning and causal inference to analyze the causes and consequences of poverty. He is also the creator of the podcast The Journeys of Scholars, which is about deciphering the pursuit of academic excellence. You can find all the recent interviews on Spotify on this link, and on the Youtube playlist (provided here).