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Angela Aristidou
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Angela Aristidou

University College London

Fellowship year

Angela Aristidou will spend her year at CASBS focused on a project tentatively titled Bringing the Social in the Practice of Artificial Intelligence for Cross-sector Collaborations. This project brings together two lines of inquiry: collaboration across sectors (public, private, third), and the mobilisation of digital tools to support these cross-sector collaborations. The project aims to understand how digital tools—and in particular AI-powered tools and platforms-are used in real-world settings by actors within, across and outside organizational boundaries and across sectors. Aristidou is an assistant professor at the University College London School of Management. Her current research and research team are funded through her UK Research Innovation grant (UKRI FLF, 2020-2028). She leads a team of postdoctoral research fellows and PhD students that combines methodologies from management, economics, sociology and public policy and employs both qualitative and quantitative techniques to collect real-life datasets in the UK, China, USA, and Canada. Each of these empirical studies consists of multiple cases of digital tools being deployed in the formation of new, government-mandated cross-sector collaborations for health care integration. In 2022, Aristidou was invited to join the UK NICE Panel for the development of national standards for AI implementation in healthcare and has published on the topic of AI in Healthcare in The Lancet. Since 2019, Aristidou has been chairing the international Research Advisory Board for the Relational Coordination Collaborative as well as multiple international, interdisciplinary symposia on cross-sector collaboration and AI.