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Dan Olweus

Dan Olweus

University of Bergen
Fellow, 1986-87 Study #34

Tyler Books

Bullying at school :what we know and what we can do Olweus, Dan.. 1993. Bullying at school :what we know and what we can do. Oxford UK; Cambridge MA: Blackwell.

Tyler Journal Articles

Alsaker, Francoise., Olweus, Dan. 1986. "Assessment of Global Negative Self-Evaluations and Perceived Stability of Self in Norwegian Preadolescents and Adolescents." The Journal of Early Adolescence 6(3): 269-278.
Olweus, Dan., Mattsson, Åke., Schalling, Daisy., Löw, Hans. 1988. "Circulating testosterone levels and aggression in adolescent males: A causal analysis.." Psychosomatic Medicine 50(3): 261-272.
Olweus, Dan. 1997. "Bully/victim problems in school: Facts and intervention." European Journal of Psychology of Education 12(4): 495.