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Debra Satz
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Debra Satz


Stanford University

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Debra Satz, the Marta Sutton Weeks Professor of Ethics in Society, is the dean of the Humanities and Sciences at Stanford University. She earned a bachelor’s degree from City College of New York and a doctorate in philosophy from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her research focuses on the ethical limits of markets; the place of equality in a just society; ethics, economics and public policy, particularly questions around education. She is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

In 2004, Satz received the Walter J. Gores Award, Stanford’s highest teaching honor. She was awarded the Roland Prize in 2010 for faculty volunteer service. She also co-founded the Hope House Scholars Program, which pairs volunteer faculty with undergraduates to teach liberal arts courses to residents of a drug and alcohol treatment facility for women.

Her books include Why Some Things Should Not Be for Sale: The Moral Limits of Markets (Oxford University Press, 2010); and Economic Analysis, Moral Philosophy and Public Policy (with Dan Hausman and Michael McPherson, Cambridge University Press, 2017), as well as several edited volumes. Her papers have been published in the Journal of Philosophy, Philosophy and Public Affairs, Ethics, The World Bank Economic Review, and Ambio, among other journals.

Satz is a faculty fellow and member of the “Creating a New Moral Political Economy” project. She was a fellow at CASBS in 2017-18.