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Eduardo Araral

Eduardo Araral

Public Affairs and Public Policy
National University of Singapore
Fellow, 2021-22

During his year at CASBS as a NUS fellow, Eduardo Araral will finish a book project on rethinking trust and collective action, which will provide a critical synthesis of the literature, redefines collective action as calculative trust and illustrates this new approach with essays on Ostrom, Olson, the commons, public goods, climate change, COVID-19 and US-China rivalry.

Araral’s research focuses on collective action and institutions for collective action. He has 70 publications in journals, books and working papers. His awards include fellowship in the research centers of three Nobel Laureates in economics (Coase, Ostrom, Stigler); the 2013 Ostrom Prize for the Governance of the Commons, a Fulbright PhD Award, and the 2016 Pamana Ng Lahi Presidential Award for outstanding overseas Filipinos. Araral has undertaken 20 consultancy projects for the Asian Development Bank, World Bank, UNDP, Microsoft, Amazon, General Electric, local governments and NGOs. He has lectured in more than 230 executive education programs for more than 5,000 senior government officials from more than 50 countries throughout Asia, Russia, and Africa. His media engagement includes BBC, CNBC, Al Jazeera, Voice of America, Bloomberg, Financial Times, The Economist, China Daily, South China Morning Post, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, LA Times, among others.

Araral is associate professor at National University of Singapore. He has 30 years experience in academia and government, including 20 years of Asia focused advisory/consulting for governments/donors and executive education. He holds a PhD in public policy from Indiana University Bloomington on a Fulbright scholarship with Elinor Ostrom (2009 Nobel Laureate in economics) as his supervisor.