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Ivan Png
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Ivan Png

National University of Singapore

Fellowship year

2024 - National University of Singapore - Study 49

During his year at the Center, Ivan Png will study the effects of behavioral biases on work productivity. Prior research shows that work practices and productivity vary substantially even within industries. These findings present a scientific puzzle: why do laggards not level up with leaders? Considerable research has examined the effects of inattention bias and information frictions. Png will study the effects of three biases that have received less attention in work contexts —satisficing (do not aim to maximize profit), status quo bias (prefer not to change), and the law of small numbers (mistaken inferences about sequences of random events). 

Png is a Distinguished Professor in the School of Business and Departments of Economics and Information Systems and Analytics (by courtesy) at the National University of Singapore.  He is the National University of Singapore Fellow for 2023-24. 

More about his work at: