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James Guszcza
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James Guszcza



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During his year as a research affiliate, James Guszcza plans to write a book on the philosophical foundations of human-centered artificial intelligence, drawing on ideas from psychology, human-centered design, collective intelligence, and ethics. The motivating idea is that enjoying the promise of AI while avoiding its many well-publicized pitfalls will require a foundation for AI that extends beyond computer science and machine learning to encompass various types of human factors.

Guszcza has worked as data scientist for two decades and is the first person to be designated Deloitte’s U.S. Chief Data Scientist. The creation of hybrid human-machine systems has been a recurring theme in his work. In recent years, he has applied behavioral nudge techniques to more ethically and effectively operationalize machine learning algorithms. Guszcza is a former professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison business school and holds a PhD in philosophy from The University of Chicago. He serves on the scientific advisory board of the Psychology of Technology Institute. Guszcza was a CASBS fellow in 2020-21.