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John Diamond
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John Diamond

Brown University

Fellowship year

2024 - Brown University - Study 9

At CASBS, John Diamond will be writing a new book, Defending the Color Line, highlighting how the deep embeddedness of whiteness and white supremacy in U.S. educational organizations and how opportunity hoarding helps sustain it. Taking the recent attacks against critical race theory as a backdrop, he argues that educational institutions contribute to educational inequity and socialize people into relations of racial domination and subordination through organizational practices and individual actions. In our transforming demographic landscape, he argues that we are witnessing ongoing, coordinated efforts to consolidate white political, economic, cultural, and social power, with educational institutions serving as a central battleground in this process. 

Diamond is professor of sociology and education policy in Brown University’s department of sociology and Annenberg Institute for School Reform. As a sociologist of race and education, he studies the relationship between social inequality and educational opportunity, examining how educational leadership, policies, and practices operate through school organizations to shape students' educational experiences and outcomes. Diamond has published widely in sociology and education journals and co-authored Despite the Best Intentions (with Amanda Lewis) (Oxford University Press, 2015) and Distributed Leadership in Practice (co-edited with James Spillane) (Teachers College Press, 2007). He is an American Educational Research Association Fellow and was recently elected to the National Academy of Education. (click Browse Youtube button)