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Magali Della Sudda

Magali Della Sudda

Political Science
Visiting Scholar, 2020-21

Magali Della Sudda will be working on a project on conservative ecofeminism and the current issues challenging our understanding of feminism. For a few years, under the banner of “alter-feminism”, different groups of women activists and intellectuals have joined together to reclaim what they call “integral” or “true” feminism in name of nature and conservatism to oppose gender politics. This raises the crucial issue of the ongoing changes within women’s advocacy and feminist organizations. It calls for a fresh conceptual framework to understand the backlash against gender politics and how the conservative narratives fit within the current ecological crisis.

Della Sudda is a permanent researcher in political science at CNRS – Centre Emile Durkheim in Bordeaux and lecturer at the Political Science Institute of Bordeaux (France). She was Marie Curie fellow at the European University Institute of Florence (2009-11) and postdoctoral researcher at Ecole Française de Rome (2008-09). A specialist of social movement studies, she led a national mix-methods research project on the Yellow Vests Movement (2018-20).

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Tyler Journal Articles

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