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Marcy Carsey
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Marcy Carsey

Marcy Carsey was a partner with Tom Werner in the Carsey Werner Company, responsible for shows like "The Cosby Show," "Roseanne," "Third Rock from the Sun," and "That 70's Show."

Born in Weymouth, Massachusetts to a dad who worked in the shipyard and a mom who taught her to always go for it, Carsey graduated from the University of New Hampshire and headed to New York to get a foothold in TV as an NBC tour guide at 30 Rock.  She rose through many jobs on both coasts, culminating in being named head of series television at ABC in Los Angeles.  Her mom cheered.

In 1980 she left ABC to form her own production company, and later Tom Werner joined her. They had a great run, and now she puts her energies into things like public education, social justice causes and chairing the Hammer Museum board. Marcy has two children, Becky and Pete, and three stepchildren.