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Michelle Miao
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Michelle Miao

Chinese University of Hong Kong

Fellowship year

2024 - Chinese University of Hong Kong - Study 16

During her time at CASBS, Michelle Miao will work on a project exploring the interaction between artificial intelligence and the shifting paradigm of authoritarian governance. Miao’s major areas of research include ethics of technological innovation, comparative law, criminal justice, law and society, and rule of law and authoritarianism. 

Miao is associate professor of law at CUHK.  She is an awardee of the American Society of Comparative Law’s Hessel Yntema Prize for the most outstanding scholarship by a scholar under 40 years of age. She is also a recipient of CUHK’s Academic Impact in Legal Scholarship (2021), Asian Law Institute’s Junior Faculty Award for best paper (2020) and Chinese University of Hong Kong’s Young Research Award (2019). Her manuscript has been presented at Stanford Junior Faculty Forum and Tsinghua-Chicago Faculty Forum. It won ASLI Junior Faculty Award for Best Paper. She is also the subject editor of Routledge Encyclopedia of Chinese Studies. Over the past years, Miao has conducted research in the capacity of NYU Global Fellow, Oxford Howard League Fellow, British Academy Postdoc Fellow, NUS ASLI scholar, and Harvard Yenching Scholar. Miao is a CUHK-Stanford University CASBS fellow for 2023-24.