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Neta Kligler-Vilenchik

Neta Kligler-Vilenchik

Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Fellow, 2021-22

During the fellowship year at CASBS, Neta Kligler-Vilenchik will work on the manuscript for a new book, provisionally titled Not your parents’ politics: Youth political expression in unexpected spaces. This book seeks to offer a new and urgently-needed framework to understand, analyze, and – at times, newly appreciate – youth political expression, as it takes place in diverse online spaces and through unexpected expression forms. Synthesizing the work Kligler-Vilenchik has conducted over the past few years examining innovative forms of youth political expression in a variety of digital spaces, the approach underlying this book is one that first seeks to describe and understand youth political expression, and only then question it normatively.

Kligler-Vilenchik is associate professor of communication at the department of communication & journalism at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. Kligler-Vilenchik’s work examines the role that digital media play in political expression, asking how various online platforms enable, shape, and also constrict, the voicing and negotiating of bottom-up politics. She has published on these topics in leading communication journals, and is also a co-author of the book By Any Media Necessary: The New Youth Activism (New York University Press, 2016).

You can learn more about Kligler-Vilenchik’s work on her website, see her recent publications here, or read about her work on youth political expression as featured in the New York Times here.