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Nuraan Davids

Nuraan Davids

Stellenbosch University
Fellow, 2020-21 Study #15

Nuraan Davids will spend her fellowship year working on a book project, entitled The subaltern revisited: Interrogating notions of (re)-representation. The project is interested in how conceptions of the subaltern shift and slip between multiple and open-ended nodes and inflections of (non) space, race, gender, religion, culture, ethnicity, class, sexuality, and migrations – warranting endless revisits. The project has a specific interest in Muslim women, who, for many unexplored reasons, occupy realms of subjectification and objectification; of being represented without representation. What are some of the implications for democratic citizenship education if it is to present, rather than (re)-represent the subaltern?

Davids is a professor of philosophy and of education in the department of education policy studies in the faculty of education at Stellenbosch University, South Africa. Her primary research interests are democratic citizenship education; philosophy of higher education; and Islamic philosophy of education.  Recent books include: Teaching and friendship: Speaking of love and humanity (with Y. Waghid; Springer, 2020); Teachers Matter: Educational Philosophy and Authentic Learning (with Y. Waghid; Rowman & Littlefield – Lexington Series, 2020); The Thinking University Expanded: On Profanation, Play and Education (Y. Waghid; Routledge, 2020); Democratic Education and Muslim Philosophy: Interfacing Muslim and communitarian thought (with Y. Waghid; Algrave MacMillan, 2020).

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