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Peter Ferretto
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Peter Ferretto

Chinese University of Hong Kong

Fellowship year

2024 - City University of Hong Kong - Study 51

Peter W. Ferretto’s research focuses on architecture and how people inhabit spaces.  His work attempts to blur the boundaries between teaching, research and practice through projects that aim to establish sustainable social impact in rural communities.  His work employs prototypes, understood as vehicles of change, that generate knowledge through direct interaction with local communities.  During his stay at CASBS he plans to write his first publication that translates the knowledge gained from his research in the field into a theoretical position that highlights the social responsibility of architecture within the community.  At the heart of each of his projects are two fundamental concepts, heritage and education, that he will seek to expand in his discourse. 

Ferretto is an architect, associate professor at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and founding director of the Condition_Lab, a design research laboratory based within the School of Architecture at CUHK. His project “Book House” - an alternative children’s library for the Dong Minority community of Hunan China, won the “World Interior of the Year” award at WAF 2022 and he is currently working on adapting the idea for the Maasai rural communities in Kenya.  Here is the link to the latest Book House project: (click the Browse Youtube button)

Ferretto is a CUHK-Stanford University CASBS fellow for 2023-24.