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Robert P. Abelson

Robert P. Abelson

Fellow, 1965-66 Study #15
Fellow, 1957-58 Study #15

Tyler Books

Theories of cognitive consistency; a sourcebook Abelson, Robert P. ed.. 1968. Theories of cognitive consistency; a sourcebook. Chicago: Rand McNally.
Statistics as principled argument Abelson, Robert P.. 1995. Statistics as principled argument. Hillsdale NJ: L. Erlbaum Associates.

Tyler Journal Articles

Abelson, Robert P. 1959. "Modes of Resolution of Belief Dilemmas." The Journal of Conflict Resolution 3(4): 343-352.
Abelson, Robert P., Levine, Jacob. 1958. "A factor analytic study of cartoon humor among psychiatric patients." Journal of Personality 26(4): 451-466.
Abelson, Robert P., Tukey, John W. 1963. "Efficient Utilization of Non-Numerical Information in Quantitative Analysis General Theory and the Case of Simple Order." The Annals of Mathematical Statistics 34(4): 1347-1369.