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Roberta R. Katz

Roberta Katz

Roberta R. Katz

Executive Officer and Director of The Charles and Roberta Katz Family Foundation
Stanford University
Research Affiliate, 2021-22
Research Affiliate, 2020-21
Research Affiliate, 2019-20
Research Affiliate, 2018-19 Study #16
Research Affiliate, 2017-18 Study #50
Visiting Scholar, 2016-17 Study #42
Visiting Scholar, 2011-12 Study #48
Visiting Scholar, 2010-11 Study #49

Roberta Katz, vice-chair of the CASBS board of directors and a senior research scholar at CASBS, coordinates an interdisciplinary set of scholars who have been examining the cultural norms and values of those born during and after the mid-1990s, an age group that has been denominated “Generation Z.”  The research, which has looked closely at the traits that define the Generation Z culture in the U.K. and U.S. as well as at the historical trends that have influenced that culture, is the subject of a forthcoming book entitled “Gen Z, Explained: The Art of Living in a Digital Age.”

Katz holds a PhD in anthropology as well as a law degree, and was previously the General Counsel of McCaw Cellular Corporation (now AT&T Wireless) and then of Netscape Corporation. For thirteen years, she served under Stanford University Presidents John Hennessy and Marc Tessier-Lavigne as the associate vice president for strategic planning at Stanford. She also served as President Tessier-Lavigne’s interim chief of staff until early 2017. Katz has been deeply involved in the facilitation of a variety of interdisciplinary research initiatives at Stanford, and she is a current member of the CASBS board of directors. She is also currently chair of the board of the Exploratorium, a science museum in San Francisco.