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Scott Page

Scott Page

Complexity, Social Science, and Management
University of Michigan
Visiting Scholar, 2021-22
Visiting Scholar, 2021-22
Fellow, 2007-08 Study #14

Scott Page will be working on two projects.  The first, with Jenna Bednar (CASBS fellow 2021-22), considers institutional choice and design from a systems perspective.  The extant literature on mechanism design largely focuses on allocation and decision tasks in isolation: namely, does this mechanism produce outcomes that are efficient, fair, individual rational, and balanced (in budget or resources).  Such analyses ignore the fact that institutions influence individual preferences, beliefs, behaviors, and capabilities as well as social norms and networks.  In this research project, they examine ensembles of institutions: how each institution builds off the capacities generated by previous institutions.  The second project seeks to understand the contributions of diversity to collective intelligence.  Page is an editor of a new, open access interdisciplinary journal called  Collective Intelligence and will be encouraging people to submit.

These projects build from previous research on complexity, diversity, mechanism design, and collective problem solving and prediction, as well as a methodological interest in models.  Page’s work on models has emphasized the value of many model thinking.  Page’s Twitter handle is @Scott_E_Page. He tweets sporadically, speaks to public audiences on the value of diversity and on the value of many model thinking,  and makes garage band quality Google sites on projects.  Here are two recent efforts: The Choice, which address how we choose among markets, hierarchies, democracies, self organized communities, and algorithms and Emergent Inequality: a foray into the complexities of creating effective policy to improve society. 

Page is currently the John Seely Brown Distinguished University Professor of Complexity, Social Science, and Management at the University of Michigan and the Williamson Family Professor of Business Administration at the University of Michigan with courtesy appointments in complex systems, economics, and political science (website).  Page is also an external faculty member of the Santa Fe Institute. Page was a fellow at CASBS in 2007-08.

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