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Shelley Correll

Shelley Correll

Stanford University
Faculty Fellow, 2021-22
Faculty Fellow, 2020-21
Faculty Fellow, 2019-20
Fellow, 2015-16 Study #50

Shelley Correll is a member of the CASBS project “Addressing Sexual Violence Through Institutional Courage.” Her research in this area seeks to understand how the actions of organizational leaders can reduce sexual violence in their organizations. More generally, Correll’s research is focused on identifying and reducing the biases and barriers to gender equality in professional work. She is currently conducting research in partnership with several technology and other high-status companies ( to evaluate interventions designed to promote “small wins” that can be leveraged to produced large scale improvements in organizational inclusion and gender and other forms of diversity (Reducing gender biases in modern workplaces: A small wins approach to organizational change. and 

At Stanford, Correll is the Michelle Mercer and Bruce Golden Family Professor of Women’s Leadership, professor of sociology, professor of organizational behavior (by courtesy), director of the Stanford VMware Women’s Leadership Lab, and a member of the design team for the Social X-Change Initiative, an initiative dedicated to creating pathways from social science research to social impact.

Correll was a CASBS fellow in 2015-16, and has been a faculty fellow since 2019-20.