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Sigal Alon

Sigal Alon

Tel Aviv University
Fellow, 2020-21 Study #39

Sigal Alon will spend the fellowship year working on several projects designed to unveil the dynamics underlying inequalities in the labor market and educational attainment. The first will take advantage of a natural experiment courtesy of Covid-19 and examine the disruption in work-related behavior and attitudes and the future of work in the corona era. The second project will explore how educational inequality reproduces economic inequality, focusing on two mechanisms: the intergenerational transmission of educational advantage and the expansion of the postsecondary system. Finally, Alon will study the influences of social context and positional inequality on individuals’ decision-making. 

Alon has published in leading journals in sociology, education and economics and is the author of Race, Class and Affirmative Action (Russell Sage Foundation, 2015), a book-length manuscript that evaluates the ability of class-based affirmative action to promote the social and economic mobility of disadvantaged populations and boost diversity at selective postsecondary institutions, as compared with race-based policy. 

Alon is a professor in the department of sociology and anthropology and the head of the B. I. Cohen Institute for Public Opinion Research at Tel Aviv University. Her main research interests include social stratification and mobility, with an emphasis on the sociology of work and organizations and sociology of education. For more, see her website at: