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Simon Halliday
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Simon Halliday

University of Bristol

Fellowship year

2023 - University of Bristol - Study 14

Research Affiliate year

2024 - University of Bristol

As a research affiliate, Simon Halliday will continue working on a new introductory economics textbook Understanding the Economy (UTE) as part of the enCOREage project. UTE builds on the work that CORE has already done with The Economy and Economy, Society, and Public Policy. The enCOREage project seeks to address the systemic failure of U.S. colleges and universities to educate our least well off and under-represented minority students. In Understanding the Economy, Halliday and collaborators will introduce content (for the most part new to introductory economics) that draws students in because the topics it addresses confront societal problems that we know interest them and builds employability skills; adopt best practices from modern learning science, which have struggled to find a home in economics instruction; and address student belonging and inclusion.

Halliday is an associate professor in the School of Economics at the University of Bristol, UK. He has co-authored (with Samuel Bowles) an intermediate-level microeconomics textbook: Microeconomics: Competition, Conflict, and Coordination (OUP, 2022) and works in economics education, behavioral and experimental economics (in particular, on experiments to understand social preferences). He was a CASBS fellow in 2023-24. 

For more information about his work, visit