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Stefan Houpt

Stefan Houpt

University Carlos III of Madrid
Fellow, 2021-22

Stefan Houpt will work on Social Unrest in Twenty First Century Latin America, a book project that will trace the processes of globalization to the rise and reversal of fortunes of the new global middle class in Latin America and its relationship with growing social unrest. This will entail reexamining globalization and its impacts on public goods, poverty, health, job security, public and citizen insecurity – with an emphasis on the perception of life improvement.

Houpt has published in leading journals in economic history: European Review of Economic History, Cliometrica, Journal of lberian and Latin American Economic History, and Scandinavian Economic History Review. He has contributed to the most recent Cambridge Economic History of Modern Europe (Cambridge University Press, 2010) and the Historia económica de España (Ariel Press, 2013) and co-edited and coauthored Astilleros Españoles, 1872-2000 (LID Editorial, 2002).

Houpt is an associate professor in economic history at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. He received his PhD in quantitative economics at Universidad Carlos III. He has worked extensively on the economic history of the steel industries in Spain and Sweden, shipbuilding in Spain, social unrest and living conditions in Bilbao. His more recent work centers on the Spanish stock exchanges and the political events leading up to the Spanish Civil War.