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Sufen Chen

Sufen Chen

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Fellow, 2021-22

Sufen Chen plans to spend her year at CASBS as a Stanford-Taiwan Social Science fellow studying the influence of the trust and dependence of AI on adolescents’ learning and well-being. AI and machine learning are increasingly integrated into learning systems and help to diagnose students’ learning so as to provide precision learning. It is likely that learning will ever depend on AI to recommend the content and path and offer scaffolding for learning. How are learners responsible for their learning? Will AI favor and reinforce certain ideologies, perspectives, learning strategies, and paths, while overlooking the needs and specialties of minority groups? When students get used to digital learning, they have cultivated an attitude of trust on technology. Could they avoid over-trusting on AI and make informed decisions as a reflective citizen? There is a need to make AI transparent and explainable and complement human expertise.

Based on her longitudinal research on adolescents’ school engagement, motivational beliefs, achievements, sport habits, and technology use, Chen will also continue her project on adolescents’ well-being. Adolescents are at a distinct pubertal period, quick and early adopters of new technology, and vulnerable to social media fatigue, addiction, and sedentary habits. Technology brings opportunities for learning, social connection, and exploration. However, less resources are put to guide adolescents’ use of technology. In particular, their parents and teachers are the first generation to face such a challenge. The project is expected to yield suggestions for policy and interventions.

Chen is distinguished professor at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST), Taiwan. Her other research in the field of science education, psychology, and Internet use is introduced at: