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Thunghong Lin
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Thunghong Lin

Academia Sinica

Fellowship year

2024 - Academia Sinica - Study 3

During his time at CASBS, Thung-Hong Lin will examine the relationships between regime types, internet censorship, online disinformation, and their political and social consequences using global databases. The first investigation focuses on the connection between censorship and the weakening of civil society under authoritarianism, such as in China and Russia. The second goal is to explore the asymmetric dissemination of disinformation from autocracies to democracies. The third goal is to demonstrate the adverse effects of disinformation campaigns on public health issues like the pandemic and vaccination.

Lin is a research fellow at the Institute of Sociology, Academia Sinica, and the former director of the Center for Contemporary China at Tsinghua University (Taiwan). His research interests include social stratification, political sociology, and sociology of disasters. He received the Golden Tripod Award (National Book Award in Taiwan 2012), the Wu Ta-You Memorial Award (National Young Scholar Award in Taiwan 2015), and the Fulbright Scholarship for 2023-24. He is the Stanford-Taiwan Social Science fellow for 2023-24.