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Tzu-wei Hung

Tzu-wei Hung

Academia Sinica
Fellow, 2022-23

As the Stanford-Taiwan Social Science fellow, Tzu-Wei Hung will spend the fellowship year focusing on a project entitled “The Language Effect In Cognitive Warfare”, aiming to answer, “Given that human prejudice is persistent, in what sense and to what extent does disinformation harm?”

Hung works primarily in the philosophy of cognitive science, the philosophy of language, and social philosophy. During the past decade, he has investigated a central question of how we humans understand each other, including how we understand others correctly (e.g., the cognitive architecture underlying our communication capacities) and how we misunderstand others (e.g., implicit bias, stereotype, discrimination, and inequity). At CASBS, he will further study prejudice and disinformation in democracies, especially under the threat of digital authoritarianism and its weaponized artificial intelligence.

Hung is currently an associate research fellow at Academia Sinica Taiwan. He received his BA from National Taiwan University before voluntarily serving as a paratrooper during the 1999 Taiwan Strait Crisis. He received his PhD from Kings College London, where he joined Amnesty International UK and later volunteered in Uganda and Rwanda. He led an inter-Asian research team on philosophy and was offered a visiting fellowship from the Harvard-Yenching Institute.

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