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Creating a New Moral Political Economy

Courtesy of TEDxMarin

The aim of this project is to create a new moral political economic framework rooted in contemporary understandings of human beliefs, values, institutions, organizations, and interactions in order to build a better and more equitable society. The moral political economy project includes five separate but interrelated working groups. These groups focus on the institutions of the new framework; the values that those institutions should embed; the role of technology in shaping individual and group behavior, as well as a primary economic engine; the vision we strive toward; and the pedagogical strategies needed to disseminate new ideas.

This project is led by Margaret Levi and Federica Carugati.

The moral political economy project has received funding from the Hewlett Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the Berggruen Institute, and an anonymous donor.

For more information, please contact CASBS program director Federica Carugati (

Publications and Links

Read the project’s framing piece here.

Access an interview with Margaret Levi speaking about the project here. The interview is part of "Human Centered," a podcast about the Center's projects and the scholars who undertake them. Renowned journalist and former CASBS fellow John Markoff serves as host.