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2018 Summer Institute Participants Announced

Mar 9 2018

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In 2016 the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences (CASBS) revived its storied history of summer institutes that have had transformative effects on a variety of social science fields, including behavioral economics, the study of contentious politics, and economic sociology. The institute on “Organizations and Their Effectiveness” in 2016, offered again in 2017, not only re-engaged a legacy, but sought to build upon it with larger aims and ambitions. Its successful efforts earned well-deserved attention from Stanford News.

The CASBS summer institute on organizations is back for a third consecutive year in 2018, taking place from July 9 to July 21. The Center is proud to acknowledge the institute’s co-sponsors: Stanford’s Dean of Research, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Stanford Graduate School of Business,  the Hoover Institution, the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research, and philanthropist and business leader Paul Ricci.

Institute participants are young scholars (ranging from late-stage graduate students to advanced assistant professors) whose careers studying organizations are underway, and who have demonstrated an interest in and an aptitude for expanding their thinking about organizations towards other disciplines. An important part of the institute is that it is interdisciplinary; it brings together a cohort of highly promising young researchers from a wide range of fields and universities.

From a large and highly competitive pool of applicants, institute co-directors Bob Gibbons (Sloan School of Management and Economics, MIT; CASBS fellow 1994-95 and 2014-15) and Woody Powell (Graduate School of Education and Sociology, Stanford; CASBS fellow 1986-87 and 2008-09) are pleased to announce the 2018 participants.


Participant List

2018 CASBS Summer Institute: Organizations and Their Effectiveness



Bob Gibbons Economics Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Woody Powell Sociology/Education Stanford University


Junior Scholars

Charles Angelucci Economics Columbia University
Giulia Cappellaro Management Bocconi University (Italy)
Jillian Chown Organizational Behavior Northwestern University
Margaret Foster Political Science Duke University
Mai Hassan Political Science University of Michigan
Dan Honig International Studies Johns Hopkins University
Diana Moreira Economics University of California, Davis
Imil Nurutdinov Political Science University of California, Los Angeles
Alessandro Piazza Organizational Behavior Columbia University
Henning Piezunka Entrepreneurship INSEAD (France)
Andrea Pozas-Loyo Law National Autonomous University of Mexico
Celene Reynolds Sociology Yale University
Erica Robles-Anderson Media, Culture, and Communication New York University
Daniela Scur Economics Oxford University
Nathan Wilmers Sociology Harvard University