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Awards and Elections, Fall 2019

Nov 7 2019

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Congratulations to members of the CASBS community for earning these high honors!


Elizabeth Armstrong

Carnegie Corporation, 2019 Andrew Carnegie Fellowships

Elizabeth Armstrong (2018-19)

Michèle Lamont (2002-03)

Stewart Weaver (1995-96)

John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, 2019 Guggenheim Fellowships

Mary Louise Pratt

Erik Mueggler (2004-05)


American Academy of Arts & Sciences, 2019 Elected Members

Jennifer Crocker (2017-18)

Clark Glymour (1996-97)

Joe Trotter

Peter Hall (1992-93)

Brad Inwood (2004-05)

Brenda Major (2010-11)

Sara McLanahan (2001-02)

Roy Pea (1995-96)

Nathaniel Persily (2017-18)

Nancy Weiss Malkiel

Mary Louise Pratt (2000-01)

Chris Shannon (2009-10)

Joe Trotter (1999-2000)

American Philosophical Society, 2019 Elected Members

Larry Bartels (1987-88)

Nancy Weiss Malkiel (1986-87)

Philip Tetlock (1993-94)

Patricia J. Williams

Patricia J. Williams (1993-94)

National Academy of Sciences, 2019 Elected Members

Martin S. Banks (1988-89)

Helen Milner (2001-02)

Matthew Rabin (1997-98))


Ruth Bader Ginsburg

2019 Berggruen Prize

Ruth Bader Ginsburg (1977-78)

Bonus: Find RBG in the 1977-78 CASBS class photo below. Extra credit: Find the two future Nobel Prize winners, Daniel Kahneman and Oliver Williamson.