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Awards and Elections, Fall 2021

Nov 23 2021

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Congratulations to members of the CASBS community for earning these high honors!

Kevin Mumford


John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, 2021 Guggenheim Fellowships

Amalia Kessler (2021-22)

Kevin Mumford (2021-22) 

Laurence Ralph (2021-22)

Jonathan Rodden (2006-07)


American Academy of Arts & Sciences, 2021 Elected Members

Ruth E. Chang

James A. Banks (2005-06)

John Baugh (1988-89)   

Richard Bauman (1992-93)

Pascal R. Boyer (1995-96)

Ruth E. Chang (2016-17)

Kimberlé W. Crenshaw (2008-09)

Marcia K. Johnson (1987-88) 

Karin D. Knorr Cetina (2008-09)

Kimberlé W. Crenshaw

Daniel N. Posner (2010-11)

Barbara Rogoff (1988-89, 2006-07)

Hortense J. Spillers (1996-97)

Deborah F. Tannen (1992-93, 2012-13)

Keith A. Wailoo (2006-07)

American Philosophical Society, 2021 Elected Members

Kristen Hawkes (2002-03)

Kristen Hawkes

Billie L. Turner  (1994-95)

National Academy of Sciences, 2021 Elected Members

David Card (1996-97)

Dedre Gentner (1999-2000)

Diana Carole Mutz (1999-2000)

Stephen E. Morris (2005-06)

John Russell Rickford

John Russell Rickford (1990-91)

Corresponding Fellow of the British Academy

Gloria Ladson-Billings (2003-04)


2021 Johan Skytte Prize in Political Science

David Laitin (1999-2000)

Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, 2021 Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel (Nobel Prize)

David Card

David Card (1996-97)