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Awards and Elections, Fall 2021

Congratulations to members of the CASBS community for earning these high honors!


John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, 2021 Guggenheim Fellowships

Kevin Mumford
Kevin Mumford

Amalia Kessler (2021-22)

Kevin Mumford (2021-22) 

Laurence Ralph (2021-22)

Jonathan Rodden (2006-07)


American Academy of Arts & Sciences, 2021 Elected Members

Ruth E. Chang
Ruth E. Chang

James A. Banks (2005-06)

John Baugh (1988-89)

Richard Bauman (1992-93)

Pascal R. Boyer (1995-96)

Ruth E. Chang (2016-17)

Kimberlé W. Crenshaw (2008-09)

Marcia K. Johnson (1987-88) 

Kimberlé W. Crenshaw
Kimberlé W. Crenshaw

Karin D. Knorr Cetina (2008-09)

Daniel N. Posner (2010-11)

Barbara Rogoff (1988-89, 2006-07)

Hortense J. Spillers (1996-97)

Deborah F. Tannen (1992-93, 2012-13)

Keith A. Wailoo (2006-07)

American Philosophical Society, 2021 Elected Members

Kristen Hawkes
Kristen Hawkes

Kristen Hawkes (2002-03)

Billie L. Turner  (1994-95)

National Academy of Sciences, 2021 Elected Members

David Card (1996-97)

Dedre Gentner (1999-2000)

John Russell Rickford
John Russell Rickford

Diana Carole Mutz (1999-2000)

Stephen E. Morris (2005-06)

John Russell Rickford (1990-91)

Corresponding Fellow of the British Academy

Gloria Ladson-Billings (2003-04)

Awards & Prizes

2021 Johan Skytte Prize in Political Science

David Laitin (1999-2000)

Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, 2021 Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel (Nobel Prize)

David Card
David Card

David Card (1996-97)

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