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The CASBS 2014-15 Class

Jun 10 2015

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The 28 fellows, 12 consulting scholars, and two visiting scholars in residence during 2014-15 made their mark on the intellectual and social life of the Center, and in turn were impacted by it. Here are some things by them and about them.

  • Former CASBS board member and two-time fellow Bob Gibbons wrote about his experiences in “Thoughts on My Second Go-Round
  • Historian Mary L. Dudziak, chosen to deliver the Donald M Kennedy lecture on the United States in the World at Stanford last year, provided this “Essay on CASBS
  • We asked the group for their perspectives on influential works in the Tyler Collection. We look forward to donations from this group to add to the collection. Read their responses.
  • We also asked the fellows to nominate which of the Ghosts in their study they would like to speak with. Read their responses.
  • A piece profiling the research of fellow Arline Geronimus, "Poverty and Social Exclusion at a Cellular Level."
  • Political scientist and 2014-15 fellow Michael Chwe enjoyed a well-deserved, if unexpected, period in the spotlight when a book he pubished 14 years ago, Rational Ritual, was chosen by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for his 2015 “A Year in Books” online book club. The choice of Chwe’s book followed Zuckerberg's choice of another former fellow’s book - Thomas Kuhn’s The Structure of Scientific Revolutions. In this article, written for The Monkey Cage blog in The Washington Post, Chwe explains the thesis underlying his book and how it relates to the work he undertook while at CASBS.