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Former CASBS Fellow and Nobel Laureate Douglass North, 1920-2015

Dec 10 2015

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Douglass North, a CASBS fellow in 1987-88 and winner of the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in 1993, was for decades his discipline's preeminent scholar of institutions. His work on economic history, and his ideas about economic development continue to influence intellectual discourse across the social sciences.

Read this lengthy obituary published in the New York Times in November 2015.

Stanford University's Hoover Institution published an appreciation here.

CASBS director Margaret Levi had been a close colleague and friend of North's since 1974 and considered him a mentor. Together with Stanford professor and former CASBS fellow (1993-94) Barry Weingast, Levi published a professional tribute and personal remembrance in the Washington post, "Douglass North was a Visionary." Read the article here.