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Glenn Loury Advises Congress

Jun 29 2015

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Incoming CASBS Fellow Glenn Loury (2015-16) recently presented at a session hosted by Congress on matters related to prison overpopulation in the US and its effects on minority communities. Previously, Loury had served on the National Research Committee of the National Academy of Sciences, which released a widely circulated report that helped bring issues of race and incarceration to the attention of national legislators. The NAS report directly inspired the Congressional panel that included Loury.

“Racial inequality implications last beyond the time of a person being confined,” said Loury. “When incidents of incarceration are so unequal racially, these negative consequences for children, for families, for communities, and for the individual person will also be significantly disparate by race.”

Loury will also address an upcoming session of the House Judiciary Committee on this same topic.

Watch Loury’s presentation here.